Pinpoint is a different kind of consulting company

Since 2009, our team has been delivering results based on a process of developing a deep understanding of your business’ goals and challenges, building a detailed plan and then helping you execute. 

We are typically recruited by investors, boards, CEO’s and founders to de-risk their companies global commercialization efforts and to position the company for greater, and quicker, success.  

Our methodology 

Our methodology is fundamentally based on developing a working business plan and applying the necessary resources to execute.  We believe it is not just about the great ideas; it’s also about executing the plan with repeatable processes and measurements.​

Why is this a better solution than other consulting firms or in house?

  • Big 5 = Junior People – Lack Domain Expertise – Build a plan but don’t do the work – High Costs

  • In house = Typically Lack Experience – Political Risk – Plan Risk – Expensive to unwind – Lacks agility of variable staffing

Global Software and Technology reference clients

Include Enterprise Software, Data Center Infrastructure, FinTech, IT Asset Management, IoT/Monitoring, Sports/e-commerce, Digital Marketing, Heavy Construction, ERP and more.

Computer Associates, Modius, Schneider Electric, Geist, Fanatics Media, Optimum Path, Pavia Systems, Trackit, RiT Tech, Fanzeal, etc.