COnsulting Services

We offer retained services for clients who are ready to rapidly grow revenue.  Each engagement varies in scope but a standard set of common Services are generally offered.

Sales Operations Advisory

Pinpoint examines the complete sales process, staffing, personnel, methodology, forecasting, channel and deal flow.  We provide recommendations and actions to sell the product in a repeatable way across global markets. 

Sales & Marketing Automation, Business Analytics and AI

We are experts in CRM systems from end-to-end.  Pinpoint can build fresh, or configure from existing, to provide you with a state-of-the art CRM, Marketing Automation, and AI system.   Automated lead management, development, and AI systems qualification allow you to attack the market with the absolute lowest cost of sales and highest productivity.  Pinpoint will architect, configure, and operate.  Completely outsource operations to a team for a fraction of what it would cost internally.  Keep sales people selling and marketers marketing not programming systems.

Marketing Operations

Pinpoint examines all marketing functions including messaging, web style and content, SEO, Adwords, product briefs, analyst relations/PR, trade show schedules, social media, and spend vs. return.  We provide recommendations and actions to maximize the effectiveness of marketing, leading to greater lead generating, pipeline and closed deals.  We are experts in social and influencer marketing.  Let us put together a program that works for your business.

Business Development
Pinpoint works with each client to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  This analysis includes a complete product/market analysis which typically leads to a product gap analysis.  The gap analysis is used to identify technology and strategic partners.  Once it has been determined the ideal partner network, Pinpoint organizes and attends strategic meetings to bring business relationships together.

Venture Funding
Are you ready for VC?  We will provide feedback on your current stage and what it takes to raise venture with a premium valuation. Pinpoint has a network of active investors who focus on investing in Software and Technology companies.  Our Principal, Daniel Tautges, has helped raise more than $50M in venture capital.


Pinpoint can help bring companies together by identifying buying and selling opportunities and key constituents.  Pinpoint will help negotiate a win-win deal,  for both companies, where shareholders interests are maximized.

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